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Representative of the board of directors greeting

The Open Asia Cooperative was established to support member companies and to accept foreign trainees and interns based on the foreign technical intern trainee system.

The Open Asia association has been founded to support a membership company and accept foreign trainees and interns based on the Technical Internship system.

The foreign technical intern training system is designed to transfer skills, technology, or knowledge to developing countries, etc. in order to promote harmonious development with the international community as Japan plays a key role as a developed country. The aim is to collaborate in the “human resource development” as this is one of the main factors responsible for economic development in developing countries.

(From the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)

The purpose of its system is offering skills,technique and knowledge and cooperating 「Education of people」in the developing countries  in order not only Japan’s playing a role as a developed country but also attempting a harmonious development international community.(In homepage at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

I would like the technical intern trainees to acquire Japanese skills and knowledge through the foreign technical intern trainee system and become a human resource who will be responsible for the future in their respective home countries.

All those who are technical interns, we hope you would learn those skills and knowledge through its system and become one of the talented personnel who assume the future.

Our union promises to steadily fulfill its responsibilities as a supervising organization, including the implementation of appropriate training, and the protection of technical trainees in accordance with the basic principles of the technical training system for foreigners.

Our union promises to exercise the protection of training, technical interns and all of the responsibilities as a management organization.

At the same time, we will appropriately support and manage regular training visits, audits, technical training transfer tests, etc. so that technical training at member companies that are “practitioners”, can be carried out properly and smoothly as planned.

On top of that, in order for membership company to conduct a training programs effectively and smoothly, we will do a regular cyclic visiting, audit and support-management work for technical training transfer test.

In addition to the fact that it is difficult to secure human resources in the region due to the declining birthrate and aging population, despite the fluctuating business environment such as changes in the international situation, we will work on various businesses in order to strengthen the management foundation of member companies.

We are not only facing the issue of declining birthrate, population and aging especially in local place under the siviere management environment due to the change of international situation,however will do the best performance for strengthening management foundation.

Open Asia cooperative Union

Representative of the board of directors Nagahiro Shimizu